Are you tempted by the seemingly irresistible discounts at Caribbeanvisual? Before you dive into the world of online fashion, it’s crucial to explore the Caribbean Visual Clothing reviews to understand the potential risks and scams associated with this trendy website. In this article, we’ll ascertain the legitimacy of, uncover customer complaints, and shed light on the questionable practices that could leave shoppers empty-handed and frustrated.

About is an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling a wide range of fashionable items. From trendy t-shirts and stylish shoes to chic tops, hoodies, and suit sets, the website boasts a wide-ranging assortment of fashion products. What’s more, the store is riding high on the popularity wave with remarkable 70% discounts. However, the enticing offers may not be all they seem.

What You Must Know Before Shopping At

Absent Customer Support:

With an email address listed as “,” the website’s customer support seems elusive and unresponsive. Shoppers face difficulties getting in touch with the support team for inquiries or assistance.

No Business Address: lacks transparency regarding its business address, leaving customers in the dark about the store’s physical location. This can pose a significant hurdle should you need to return an item.

Customer Complaints Abound:

One alarming sign is a negative review on TikTok, where a customer labeled Caribbeanvisual as a scam. The review claimed that the website used designer clothing images stolen from Instagram, and after payment, customers received fake tracking numbers.

Security Concerns:

Perhaps most concerning is the website’s lack of security measures certifications. This makes the platform vulnerable to potential hacker attacks, endangering customers’ personal and financial information.

Are You Safe Using PayPal On

While you might assume that using PayPal offers an added layer of security, this isn’t always the case. Some dubious online stores exploit a flaw in PayPal’s system. After your purchase, they may randomly assign a tracking number unrelated to your order. PayPal may view this as a completed transaction, making disputes almost impossible. Therefore, even when using PayPal, exercise caution and stay vigilant.

Caribbean Visual Clothing Reviews: 4 Common Caribbeanvisual Scam Formats

Shopping on this store may expose you to various scams, including:

  1. Bait & Switch Scam: Shoppers might find themselves receiving products that significantly differ in size, quality, or color, a frequent issue associated with websites originating from China.
  2. Cheap Item Scam: Stores offering massive discounts might send cheap items like hats, socks, or sunglasses instead of the advertised products.
  3. VIP Membership Scam: Some websites automatically enroll customers into VIP Membership Clubs without their consent, resulting in dubious monthly charges.
  4. Hacked Credit Card Risks: Shopping at may expose your credit or debit card to potential risks. Unauthorized charges or overcharges are possible, a risk even in trustworthy online stores.

Spotting A Scam Website

Before making online purchases, consider these tips to avoid falling victim to scams:

  • Check the Domain Age: Investigate how long the website has been active using
  • Verify Physical Location: Search for a return address. Paste it into Google Maps to confirm if it’s a legitimate warehouse or a residential address.
  • Look for Customer Reviews: Ensure that there are authentic customer reviews online.
  • Test Social Media Icons: Verify if the social media icons on the website are functional, as fraudulent sites often feature non-functional buttons.

Conclusion: Is A Scam?

Given the numerous customer complaints and the concerning aspects of the website highlighted in the Caribbean Visual Clothing reviews above, it becomes evident that cannot be considered a trustworthy or legitimate online store. Like many fraudulent e-commerce platforms, it leverages low prices to lure unsuspecting customers, ultimately leading to unsatisfactory shopping experiences.

Shopping here exposes customers to credit card hacking risks, overcharges, and the possibility of receiving inferior or completely different items. For those affected, filing complaints with your bank and requesting a new credit or debit card is advisable. If you used PayPal, document your transactions with screenshots for future reference. While online shopping is convenient, staying vigilant and conducting due diligence are essential to avoid falling victim to scams.


Is a reliable online store for fashion items?

No, it is not a reliable online store. The numerous customer complaints and red flags highlighted in the Caribbean Visual Clothing reviews indicate it is a scam.

Is it advisable to shop at despite the risks mentioned in the reviews?

Based on the risks and concerns highlighted in the reviews, it is not advisable to shop at Caribbeanvisual. There are potential risks to personal and financial information, as well as receiving subpar or incorrect products.

How can I check if a website is secure before making a purchase?

To ensure a website is secure, look for “https://” in the URL and check for SSL encryption. Additionally, verify if the site displays trusted security badges like McAfee or Norton.

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