If you’ve heard about Buzzbug and are thinking of investing in it, don’t forget to read detailed Buzzbug reviews to gain clarity about this item. 

In the eternal battle against mosquitoes, insects, and gnats, innovative solutions like the Buzzbug Mosquito Killer have gained significant attention. Promising an effective and chemical-free way to combat these pesky creatures, it claims to employ LED UV light to trap insects and mosquitoes without harmful toxins. This review aims to unveil the actual efficacy of the product, shedding light on its functionality and addressing whether it lives up to its promises.

Buzzbug Reviews: The Mechanism Of Buzzbug

The Buzzbug is a portable USB-rechargeable zapper with a unique insect-trapping approach. Unlike traditional chemical-laden methods, this device utilizes UV/LED to attract insects and mosquitoes. The integrated vacuum draws these pests into the device, effectively entrapping them.

Using The Buzzbug: A Step-By-Step Guide

Its operational process is relatively straightforward:

  • To charge, insert the USB cable into a power source and wait for a few hours.
  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Activate the Buzzbug.
  • Place the device in a dry environment.

Real-World Testing & Observations

A comprehensive 10-hour testing period was conducted using the Buzzbug in a porch setting. Historically plagued by mosquito and bug nuisances, this trial aimed to assess the device’s effectiveness. However, the findings presented a mixed picture:

  • The UV light emitted by the Buzzbug appeared dim, potentially affecting its attractiveness to insects.
  • Contrary to expectations, the device mainly attracted moths and bugs, with minimal mosquito activity observed.
  • Interestingly, not all insects that approached the UV/LED source were successfully captured, as some escaped the vacuum mechanism.

Unveiling The Verdict: Does Buzzbug Truly Deliver?

The efficacy of Buzzbug mosquito killer poses a nuanced answer. Intriguingly, this product is a familiar invention, previously marketed as ‘Fuzzbug’ in 2021. User reviews from this earlier iteration suggest that while it does manage to eliminate some mosquitoes, the results are far from impressive. Such accounts include testimonials like:

“The device proved ineffective. I left it running overnight in a dim area, only to find no mosquitoes trapped. Instead, several remained active, and I resorted to using traditional bug sprays.” – Steve.

Critical Considerations Before Making A Purchase

A deeper examination into the science of bug zappers reveals essential insights. Bug zappers, including Buzzbug, emit UV light that attracts insects to the device’s center, where they are electrocuted. However, this approach could be more effective for mosquitoes, which are attracted more to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor than UV light. 

A study conducted by the University of Delaware over 10 weeks demonstrated that only 31 out of 13,789 insects killed by bug zappers were biting flies, including mosquitoes. This amounted to a mere 0.22 percent effectiveness in reducing biting flies.

Pros & Cons Of Buzzbug


Portability: The Buzzbug mosquito killer is designed to be portable, offering convenience for users on the move.

USB Rechargeable: Its USB-rechargeable nature eliminates concerns of electrocution associated with traditional bug zappers.


Limited Operational Duration: The device’s inability to sustain a 24-hour operation challenges its claims of continuous efficacy.

Questionable Efficacy: Findings from user experiences and scientific studies need to be clarified about the device’s efficiency.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Buzzbug mosquito killer garners attention for its innovative approach to insect control. However, a comprehensive analysis of Buzzbug reviews reveals that its promises might not align with reality. 

Originally marketed as ‘Fuzzbug’, it has struggled to deliver on its claims, as highlighted by user reviews and scientific studies. Mosquitoes’ preference for CO2 and water vapor over UV light questions the fundamental approach of bug zappers, including Buzzbug. As such, potential buyers should exercise caution and consider alternative solutions that align better with the science of mosquito attraction and eradication.


Is Buzzbug effective in trapping mosquitoes and insects?

The effectiveness of this item in trapping mosquitoes and insects varies. Some users report attracting more moths and bugs than mosquitoes, raising doubts about its efficacy.

Why is its UV light approach questioned for mosquito attraction?

Mosquitoes are primarily attracted to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor, not UV light. Scientific studies suggest UV-based bug zappers might not effectively capture mosquitoes.

Are there advantages to using Buzzbug despite its limitations?

Yes, this mosquito killer is portable and USB-rechargeable, suitable for users on the move. It eliminates electrocution risk but has limited operational duration and potential effectiveness issues against mosquitoes. Consider pros and cons before buying.

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