In the vast realm of online shopping, the lure of incredible deals can sometimes lead unsuspecting buyers into the clutches of fraudulent websites. is one such platform that offers heavy discount deals, which demands scrutiny. This Brixwild reviews article will delve into each aspect of the online shopping platform and will shed light on its features, advantages, disadvantages, and precautions to ensure your safety.

Reasons To Steer Clear Of

Dubious Ownership

Fadel-Beatty Limited is the proprietor of, managing the operations of this website. This company has faced criticism online with connections to several questionable online platforms. Its involvement in bait-and-switch schemes has resulted in customers receiving items of lower value than their original purchase.

Prolonged Shipping & Delivery

Despite its assertion of being situated in the United Kingdom, Brixwild frequently dispatches products from China, resulting in extended periods for shipping and delivery. This inconsistency emphasizes the deceptive representation of the store’s claimed geographical origin. It raises concerns about the accuracy and transparency of the information provided regarding the store’s location.

Recently Created Website’s website came into existence in August 2022, indicating a platform with potential disposability and suspicion. This temporal aspect prompts questions about the website’s longevity and raises concerns about its credibility and reliability as a long-term online entity.

Lack Of Customer Assistance

With a non-functional email address ( and no provided phone number, leaves customers without avenues for communication and raises concerns about the store’s legitimacy.

Social Media Silence: A Cause For Concern

In the realm of authentic online shopping, active social media engagement is a norm. The conspicuous absence of on social platforms raises additional doubts regarding the credibility and transparency of this online store. This lack of a digital footprint heightens concerns about the platform’s legitimacy, which prompts potential customers to exercise caution before making any transactions.

Unrealistic Discounts

Brixwild employs enticing pricing strategies, presenting buyers with seemingly irresistible deals that may appear too good to be true. These substantial and potentially unrealistic discounts raise concerns about the authenticity of the platform’s intentions. Such practices commonly associated with deceptive schemes are designed to attract unsuspecting shoppers.

Shady Refund Policy

While claims to have a 30-day refund policy, customers must bear the burden of excessive return shipping costs. It creates an unfavorable and questionable refund process.

Consequences Of Shopping From operates through deceptive practices, including accepting payment, sending confirmation emails, and tracking details, but it fails to deliver the purchased items. This bait-and-switch tactic leaves customers with either inferior products or potential unauthorized credit card charges.

Is A Scam?

Given the presence of a fabricated business address, extraordinary discounts, the recent establishment of the website, lack of social media presence, and a questionable refund policy, emerges as an entity marked by suspicion and could be illegitimate. The inherent risks associated with the potential delivery of substandard products or the susceptibility to credit card fraud strongly advocate for exercising caution and refraining from engaging with this online store.

Using PayPal For Purchases

Even with PayPal, there’s no absolute safety. Exploiting a flaw in PayPal’s system, fraudulent stores like can make disputes challenging. A tracking number unrelated to the buyer’s item can complicate refund processes.

What To Do If You’ve Already Shopped

If you encounter issues with, it is imperative to take prompt action. Contact your financial institution to explore the possibility of a chargeback, especially for completed transactions. Simultaneously, consider filing a dispute claim to address any discrepancies. Enhance your online security by updating passwords and remaining vigilant against potential phishing emails from suspicious websites. These proactive measures are crucial in mitigating risks and safeguarding your financial and personal information from potential threats associated with

Brixwild Reviews: Final Words

In the realm of online shopping, vigilance is vital., with its dubious practices and suspicious indicators, fails to pass the authenticity test. Stay informed, follow safety measures, and protect yourself from falling prey to online shopping scams.


How can I check if an online store is legitimate?

Verify the domain age, find the physical location, assess social media presence, check for SSL encryption, read customer reviews, and review the returns and refund policy before making any purchases.

Is using PayPal a foolproof method for secure online transactions?

No, using PayPal does not guarantee quick refunds. Fraudulent stores may exploit loopholes in PayPal’s system, making dispute resolutions challenging.

What steps should I take if I’ve already shopped from

Contact your bank for a chargeback, file a dispute claim, update passwords, and be cautious of potential phishing emails. 

How does operate its scam?

It follows a bait-and-switch tactic, debiting customers for purchases and sending confirmation emails and tracking details but failing to deliver the ordered items or providing inferior products.

Can I trust online stores offering significant discounts?

Be cautious of online stores offering unrealistically substantial discounts, as they may employ deceptive practices to attract customers.

Is the only suspicious online store? is just one example; it’s crucial to remain vigilant and follow safety measures to protect yourself from various online shopping scams.

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