Considering a position on an advisory board? Explore the world of with this Boardsi reviews article. In this article, we delve into its features, positive aspects, and potential legitimacy, helping you make an informed decision about your advisory board journey.


In the realm of advisory boards, it distinguishes itself through a distinctive approach. Departing from conventional platforms, Boardsi, previously known as ExecRanks, establishes connections between mid-level managers and prospective advisory board positions. This innovative platform not only offers the allure of potential advisory roles but also pledges enticing financial rewards and the opportunity to acquire equity, setting it apart from traditional avenues in the advisory board space.

Deciphering The Operational Landscape

To comprehend the intricacies of, it is imperative to delve into how the platform operates. 

Advertisement Strategy: It adopts a strategic approach by advertising board positions on LinkedIn, specifically targeting mid-level managers.

Subscription Process: Prospective applicants are required to subscribe to Boardsi, a process that involves incurring a $200 registration fee along with a subsequent $195 monthly charge.

Financial Commitment: While the allure of substantial earnings beckons, applicants must navigate the financial commitment associated with the subscription process.

User Expectations vs. Reality: The application process, despite the promises of financial rewards, can often lead to user frustration as outcomes may fall short of initial expectations. Understanding this disparity is integral to a comprehensive grasp of the Boardsi experience.

User Insights

A firsthand experience with this online platform reveals potential red flags. During an introductory call, a $200 monthly fee and a $200 initiation fee raised concerns. Seeking specifics on placement rates yielded vague responses, leading to skepticism. The lack of transparency and unanswered follow-ups contribute to a sense of unease, prompting questions about its legitimacy.

Warning Signs: Is Boardsi Legitimate?

Understanding the importance of recognizing potential warning signs becomes crucial for individuals

Unconventional Payment Requests:

A conspicuous warning signal arises with its inclination towards unconventional payment requests, urging users to inspect the platform’s financial transactions closely.

Lack Of Transparent Placement Rate Data:

Another red flag surfaces concerning the absence of transparent placement rate data. The deficiency in specific numbers raises concerns, necessitating a more in-depth evaluation of the platform’s credibility.

Unaddressed Follow-Up Inquiries:

Boardsi’s lack of responsiveness to follow-up inquiries serves as a pivotal indicator. Ignored communications contribute to skepticism and present potential risks for users.

Misalignment In Payment Model:

Introducing a layer of doubt, its payment model diverges from industry standards. Users are encouraged to assess this misalignment as it could impact the platform’s legitimacy.

Avoiding The Boardsi Scam

To steer clear of potential scam, users should exercise caution with unexpected emails and questionable graphics. Refrain from clicking on suspicious links, and verify the authenticity of communications through official channels. Employing antivirus measures can further safeguard against online threats.

Steps After Falling Victim To A Scam

If users suspect they’ve fallen victim to a scam, swift action is necessary. Contacting the bank or credit card issuer to report unauthorized transactions and requesting a chargeback is paramount. Changing online passwords, reporting the scam to relevant authorities, monitoring credit reports, and staying vigilant against future phishing attempts are crucial steps. Reviews: Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the allure of its advisory board positions comes with potential pitfalls. While the platform promises financial rewards and equity, user experiences raise questions about its legitimacy. Red flags, such as unusual payment requests and a lack of transparency, necessitate careful consideration before engaging with Understanding the risks and taking precautionary measures are essential in navigating the landscape of advisory board opportunities.


Is Boardsi a reliable platform for advisory board positions?

Its reliability is questionable, as user experiences highlight potential red flags and concerns about transparency.

What steps one can take to avoid falling victim to the Boardsi scam?

Exercise caution with unexpected emails, verify communications through official channels, and employ antivirus measures to safeguard against potential scams.

How does Boardsi’s payment model differ from industry standards?

Its $200 monthly fee and $200 initiation fee deviate from industry norms, prompting users to scrutinize its alignment with established practices.

Can Boardsi guarantee successful placements on advisory boards?

User experiences suggest that its promises of lucrative board positions may not always translate into successful outcomes, necessitating careful consideration before subscribing.

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