Blogdodge Clothing is a new fast fashion website that became super popular because of TikTok. But due to mixed reviews on different platforms, users need clarification about its legitimacy. In today’s article, we will go through the website and provide an unbiased review of Blogdodge to help you determine the credibility of the website. 

What Is Blogdodge? 

BlogDodge is an online platform that allows you to buy trendy clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, etc. The website sells clothes for both men and women at affordable prices, but like many others, this is also a scam fashion website. On the website of Blogdodge, all the reviews are positive and appraising the website, but on other websites, people have reported the website as a scam as they never received the product they ordered. 

Website Details 

We have thoroughly inspected the website, and this is the information that we have gathered so far: 

Site Name  Blogdodge 
Contact Address  Not Available 
Contact number  Not Available 
Payment Options  PayPal, MasterCard, Visa 
Social media links  Not Available 

Is Blogdodge Clothing Scam? 

Blogdodge’s website follows many suspicious practices that make us believe that Blogdodge clothing is a Scam. Here is a list of reasons why we think Blogdodge Clothing is a scam: 

Fake Reviews 

All the reviews on the Blogdodge website were positive, but upon further inspection, we found out that those reviews were fake, and not a single profile in those reviews led anywhere. All the reviews were by bots’ accounts, and honest reviews were not displayed on the website. 

Negative Reviews On Other Platforms 

In contrast to their website, which has listed several positive reviews, the feedback about their website on other platforms is primarily negative. Users reported not to have received their packages even months after placing the order.

No Company Address 

Blogdodge’s website does not mention their company address or office address, which raises suspicions as there is no way to track down their physical location. 

No Social Media Presence 

Due to no social media presence the only way to reach them is through their email address which is also very hard to find. 

Plagiarized Content 

We tried to scan the content on the Blogdodge website through a plagiarism detector tool and were shocked to find out that most of the content on their website was copied from different sources. 


To conclude the article, we would like to say that Blogdodge is a complete scam, and you should not buy anything from their website as there is a high chance that you will not receive anything. You should use trusted websites and brands to avoid getting scammed and thoroughly research before ordering anything online. 


Is Blogdodge Real or Fake? 

The website is full of copied content, and everything about the website is fake. 

Is Blogdodge Scam? 

Yes, Blogdodge is a scam, and you should avoid making any transactions on their website. 

Is it worth buying products from Blogdodge? 

No, you should not buy any product from them as there are very low chances of receiving them. 

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