If you are planning to buy a new watch or a trendy necklace, that too, without the stress of leaving your home behind, here’s a great web solution for you.  

Bawsk.com is a website that incorporates a huge product library that retails at bare minimum prices. Though this platform is the latest addition to the e-commerce stores, still it’s a huge success due to its unique stuff and massive discount offers.   

They sell unisex accessories to cater to larger groups of customers. Also, the delivery is accessible all around the United States.  

So, why not focus on all the nuts and bolts of the site?  

What Is Bawsk.com?  

A new addition to web stores with a vivid range of products to cater to and satiate the needs and choices of buyers. You can get these products at bare minimum prices, so almost everyone can afford these.   

Bawsk.com is an online store that deals in the supply of jewelry like chains, rings, bracelets, wristwatches, etc. It is located in Canada and is available in other countries too, according to its traffic sources.  

Bawsk com is well-mentioned with the necessary policies that a shopper must be well aware of. In addition, the product range here includes ornaments and jewelry for both men and women.   

Details Of Bawsk.com  

  • Visit their official website, https://www.bawsk.com 
  • The website deals in an enormous range of products, including watches, rings, bracelets, chains, etc.  
  • An email address, info@bawsk.com, is mentioned on the website in case you want to contact them.  
  • The site’s return policy is valid within thirty days of the order delivery.  
  • The refund policy requires you to send the product back within thirty days. Otherwise, it gets canceled.  
  • You can pay online via Elo, American Express, Diners Club, Alipay, Discover, JCB, Master Card, Gpay, Visa, Venom, and PayPal.  
  • Bawsk. Com is HTTPS protected and SSL integrated as well.  
  • It accepts different currencies like EUR, AUD, USD, etc.  

Shopping At Bawsk.com  

Visit its website, https://www.bawsk.com, to purchase any product from them. But, of course, you’ve to follow their set of terms, conditions and mentioned policies too.  

Some major terms and conditions here include that you have lived in your chosen area of residence for most of the time, allowance to your minor dependents for accessing the delivered order, and not transmitting any viruses at the time of delivery, hence taking precise caution.  

Also, if you violate these terms by any chance, there’s a full possibility that your services will be terminated, and immediate steps will be taken by Bawsk.com staff.   

Also, the prices for different products at Bawsk. com keeps changing due to varying offers. Once you select the items to be ordered, an amount will be shown at the checkout, and the same will appear on the customer’s credit card statement.   

Bawsk.com has a humongous product variety, but in limited quantity, so it is subject to vary with various refund or return requests. Customers in need can share their queries at info@bawsk.com.  

Moreover, this platform provides another e-commerce platform to the customers where they can sell their products and services further.   

Creating An Account On Bawsk.com  

Visit the official website, https://www.bawsk.com, or contact them via mail at info@bawsk.com. You’ve to mention your full name and address to create an account on Bawsk. com. Then pick, choose and select the desired products.  

Once done, you will notice an available shipping service. Upon placing the order and paying the amount shown at the checkout, including shipping charges, your order will be delivered within 14-30 days.  

Pros Of Shopping From Bawsk.com  

Certain positive sides of the website have been mentioned below:

  • A huge variety of commodities are available here.  
  • It retails all the stuff at really cheap prices that suit everyone’s pockets.  
  • You can choose from multiple online payment modules to pay instantly.  
  • The website delivers ordered products to your doorstep, so why head out to the market in real?  
  • Bawsk.com has a very user-friendly interface, so the products are easy to buy, and the return policy states easy returns.   
  • Moreover, it is a secure website, so there is no need to fear any fraud, money loss, or cheating.  
  • Shipping is free throughout the United States.  

Why Not Purchase From Bawsk.com?  

Like many positive sides, the website does offer some negative sides like:

  • The domain isn’t more than some two years old.  
  • The website hasn’t mentioned any customer feedback, user reviews, or testimonials.  
  • No real office address is shown on the official website of Bawsk.com.  
  • Clearly, the website lacks in-depth details of the business and much-needed contact details.  
  • There isn’t any noticeable social media presence of this webstore.  

Customer Reviews At Bawsk.com  

As already mentioned, the Bawsk com domain is just two years old, so it is a young website; moreover, it lacks any noticeable or convincing reviews. Though you will see a few reviews there, it’s highly possible that they are all paid. Without considering them, no other reviewing site has ever talked in context to Bawsk.com. Clearly, the site lacks any kind of noticeable social media presence.  

A shopping website without any customer reviews for any of the products is a huge loophole. We all usually shop, considering the feedback attained for that item. So how would anyone rely on Bawsk.com to purchase any ornament?  

Many customers have shared regarding the overhaul going on at the Bawsk.com website, including selling every product for free. No matter how many items you pick, the bill remains $0.00, but a high amount of shipping fee is taken.  

One customer shared his experience of getting his parcel delivered three months after the order placement, and upon enquiring, it came out to be due to some viral TikTok trend. Whereas another customer placed an order in May 2020 and didn’t get it till August 2021. Upon contacting the staff repeatedly, he asked for a refund and has been ignored since then.  

Some users received their parcels, though after a few months or so and not even in actual size or dimensions.   

Is Bawsk.com Legit?  

The website has attained a very low trust score due to an insufficient number of reviews on the official website and mostly negative ones on other website-reviewing sites.  

Another extreme red flag is the domain name being really young, as it began and launched not more than two years back.  

All these factors make one suspicious if it’s a scam to attract customers, charge money and fool them. So, it’s not completely sure whether Bawsk.com is safe or unsafe to work with.  

There’s a possibility that you order something and, despite the original product, receive a cheap imitation of it.   

Bawsk.com accepts multiple payment modules and currencies, but what if you share your confidential VISA numbers or other security codes and get scammed, losing all your money?  

As mentioned in the customer reviews section, neither customer was pleased with the orders due to delayed delivery, enormous shipping charges, and stocking-out of most products for any one or other reason.  

In addition, some didn’t enjoy shopping here due to the webstore’s less popularity, while others realized its loss in buying more than one product from there.   

Talking about shipping, it’s not advised due to the overpriced amounts they charge for it and can potentially hack customers’ credit cards.  

In fact, most customers were agitated due to the inability to contact the staff working at Bawsk.com, as the platform lacks any proper contact details except email where the staff responds as per their will. Moreover, many customers revealed that the emails are often never replied to.   

One user shared how unsatiating it was not to receive the genuine product and, above that, unable to contact them.  

In addition, the return address is absent from the portal, which complicates the refund. However, one needs to be really patient while working with Bawsk.com because customer expectations are never met here.  

Derived Conclusion  

This two-year-old or almost young website has a massive range of products it sells with different applicable offers. Though the user interface of the site is really good, if you flip the side, there are many negative strings attached to Bawsk.com’s official website too.  

The absence of any convincing customer reviews is a major drawback. Even the correct contact details are absent, and the real address of the office is still unknown. These are some of the things that a buyer must be aware of beforehand, and lacking such necessary data contributes to certain factors depicting that the website isn’t genuine.   

Exploring all the ins and outs, there’s no harm in concluding not to buy from this highly suspicious site with its portal full of multiple red flags. Why give away your hard-earned money to any such fraudulent-seeming site? Instead buy from some trusted online stores. 

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