Before you indulge in shopping from the Ashoktimber platform, explore detailed reviews to gain a deeper understanding of the website.

In the era of online shopping, consumers have become increasingly cautious when it comes to evaluating the legitimacy of various e-commerce platforms., also known as Ashoktimber, claims to offer a diverse range of items at discounted prices. But is this online store a genuine shopping destination or a potential scam? This detailed review aims to shed light on the operations of Ashoktimber com and provide insights into the experiences of customers who have engaged with the platform.

Unveiling Reviews presents itself as an e-commerce store boasting an array of products, including hangers, saws, drills, and electric grinders, all at reduced prices. These enticing offers have attracted attention, but upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the discounts might not be as genuine as they appear. In fact, investigating uncovers several concerning factors that prospective customers should be aware of before making a purchase.

Red Flags To Consider

Lack Of Customer Assistance

A functional customer support system is a hallmark of reputable online stores. Unfortunately, falls short in this regard. The provided email address,, does not function. Moreover, there is no phone number available for customer inquiries.

False Business Location 

The address provided on the Ashoktimber website, “Regions Harbert Plaza, 1901 6th Ave N #520, Birmingham, AL 35203, USA,” is disconcertingly fake. This location has no affiliation with the store, potentially complicating matters for customers seeking returns or assistance.

Insufficient Security Protocols

An essential aspect of online shopping is the security of personal and financial information. raises concerns by lacking security certification from McAfee or Norton, potentially making customers vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Questionable Discount Offers

The alluringly steep discounts on raise suspicions. Such drastic markdowns can be a tactic to entice buyers, but they often indicate a lack of authenticity.

Key Features Of

  • Registration Date: Ashoktimber was registered on November 9, 2012.
  • Product Range: Ashoktimber com claims to offer a variety of items.
  • Order Cancellation: Cancellation is possible before a product is shipped or produced.
  • Returns Policy: The platform accepts returns within 14 days of receiving the product.
  • Refunds Policy: Refunds are processed once the return is received and inspected.
  • Shipping Policy: It offers complimentary shipping on orders over £40.
  • Payment Method: Payment on Ashoktimber can be made through any Credit/Debit Card

Legitimacy Concerns

Considering the multitude of customer complaints and the highlighted drawbacks, it is evident that does not meet the standards of a trustworthy online store. While it may tempt customers with attractive prices, the overall experience and quality of service fall below expectations.

Detecting Scam Websites

Spotting a potential scam requires vigilance and scrutiny:

  • Seek genuine customer reviews online.
  • Check the domain age through services like
  • Verify functional social media icons leading to official profiles.
  • Investigate the provided physical address using Google Maps.

To Conclude: Beware & Stay Vigilant, despite its attractive discounts, presents significant red flags that cast doubt on its authenticity. Given the prevalence of customer complaints and the lack of proper customer support, it is advisable to exercise caution when considering a purchase from this platform. If you have already fallen victim to a scam, taking immediate action, such as contacting your bank and documenting transactions, can be pivotal in resolving the situation.

In the realm of online shopping, convenience must always be accompanied by cautiousness. Verify a website’s legitimacy, scrutinize its offerings, and prioritize your online security before making any transactions.


Is trustworthy?

No, numerous drawbacks and fake address raise concerns about its legitimacy.

What payment methods are accepted? accepts credit/debit cards for transactions.

Can I cancel my order on Ashoktimber?

Yes, orders can be canceled before shipping or production.

Does PayPal guarantee safety?

While using PayPal offers some protection, scams can still exploit its tracking system. Stay vigilant.

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