After many years, you feel like using a different sofa than you used in college. You may want to purchase new furniture for your new home, create more space in your current home, or do some redecoration: whatever the reason, it’s time to get rid of them. However, do you have to dispose of them just like that?

No, with the fast-evolving technology, you can ditch them online and make some money. For instance, you can sell furniture on AptDeco or other established platforms. Even so, noting you’re dealing with old furniture, the selling process might be more difficult than you think.

You might face unhealthy competition or discrimination if you fail to brand yourself correctly. That’s why we created this simple yet detailed guide to help you out, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, in selling old furniture online. Read on.

Before Listing Your Old Furniture

Many people tend to fasten the process by rushing to list their furniture online, hoping to cash them immediately. However, this should be different; you must prepare adequately to avoid mistakes. If you sell furniture on AptDeco or other recognized sites, slight mistakes might disqualify your furniture.

Do this before listing your furniture online:

1. Clean & Repair The Furniture

Before you can even identify where you’ll be listing your furniture, ensure they are sparkling clean. Check the crevices by pulling out the cushions, emptying the drawers, vacuuming fabric items, and steam cleaning where necessary. If you have glass or wood items, plan to shine them with soap and water.

In addition, repair the furniture if damaged while changing cushions if necessary. You’re doing all these to ensure your furniture stands out among other listings.

2. Take Good Photos

After cleaning the furniture, the next thing to do is to take photos to be shown in the listing. However, this is where many furniture sellers need to correct it. The photos need to be the best, showing each part clearly. Sometimes, your phone camera might need to be more useful.

But if it takes a quality camera, ensure you’re in an open space with sufficient light and tidy up the photos as required. If you take dull photos, don’t be surprised to see no reaction in your listing for days or weeks.

3. Make A Detailed Description

The photos won’t speak for themselves. They must be accompanied by a detailed yet honest description of the furniture you want to sell. The buyer would want to know the furniture’s condition, age, color, brand, and design.

Disclose if there are any scratches, flaws, or tears in the description, and you’ll get a matching client.

4. Determine Where You’ll Sell The Furniture

Online space is wide with a ready market, but you must select your ideal platform. Different platforms have different terms of service. For instance, some will allow furniture shipping countrywide, while others offer drop-off services.

Based on your furniture and location, you can determine where to sell. However, if you need help, you can sell furniture on AptDeco, among others.

5. Price Your Furniture

Having secured the platform to sell your furniture, you should set a price. However, this needs to be driven by various factors to ensure you price fairly. Your quote price must match the one potential customers are willing to pay.

Therefore, research the age, original price, brand, design, wear, secondhand furniture retail price, etc., before concluding on the final price. Besides, it’s advised to set your price 40% lower than the original price independent of the other factors.

Additionally, the price to set is determined by whether you want to get rid of the furniture or make money. Getting rid of calls for a low price and vice versa is true for making money.

Selling Your Old Furniture Successfully

The end of preparation work efficiently marks the onset of selling your furniture. Follow these steps to sell successfully:

1. Consider Timing

Timing is one of the major factors to consider when selling your furniture. However, primarily timing is dependent on the reason you want to sell. If you intend to sell them right away, you’ll have to lower the price, increasing the chances of the furniture going fast.

Contrarily, if you set high prices, the furniture will take a long time and the right buyer will come for it. Also, summer is believed to be the best time to sell furniture. This is because many people will be relocating to new homes.

2. Be Updated On The Trends

You should never list furniture that will not turn people into potential buyers. As such, you must update yourself with the latest trends in the furniture industry. Research the type, design, color, and patterns that are doing well in the market.

A good way to do this is by studying the price determination of furniture, which will advise on what causes price variation for the furniture.

3. Have Room For Price Negotiation

If you ever list your furniture and it takes a long before any reaction, it’s time you reconsider the price. You might have the preferred furniture but fail to sell it because of the price you quote. In some instances, buyers will reach out intending to purchase but only if you reduce the price.

Be easy to discuss with them once you both agree.

4. Set Up Payments

This is often the last step when selling your old furniture. You’ve done all the prep work and finally found a buyer; it’s time to get paid. You must agree with the buyer on payment terms if no digital platform is involved.

Besides, if you sell furniture on AptDeco or any other marketplace, you set an account with them and receive payments within a given timeline.

Sell Your Old Furniture Today

If you follow this guide, you’ll never again stay undecided about where to sell your old furniture for months. You’ll have your mission accomplished within days. Besides, you can sell furniture on AptDeco or other known marketplaces and have payments to your digital account in a few, usually 72 hours. Use online space today to sell your old furniture.

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