Las Vegas has a reputation. It’s the place where people go and push their limits. The commercials you might see reinforce this idea. Those commercials always show the bright lights on the Strip, dealers flipping cards over, steak dinners, champagne, etc.

Many people have a great time there if they visit. You might go with the family. Maybe you and your spouse drop the kids off with some relatives if you feel like you need some alone time, just the two of you.

You should know that Las Vegas has some dangers, though. You should not cut down any dark alleys since muggers might lurk there. You should control yourself if you are indulging so you don’t spend too much money.

You should also know that DUI car accidents happen in Las Vegas all the time. It’s worth talking about that, and it’s worth mentioning why they happen so frequently as well. Let’s discuss that right now.

People Cut Loose Because They’re In Sin City

42% of Nevada fatal accidents involve drunk drivers. That should not surprise you very much. In Las Vegas, the liquor flows.

You can get free drinks in the casinos. These establishments encourage drinking because it lowers your inhibitions. When that happens, you might gamble more.

When some people travel around Las Vegas, they call Uber or Lyft vehicles. They might even hire a limo. When they do, they can drink more since they’re not driving. That’s responsible behavior, at least in the sense that you’re not driving when you’re over the legal limit.

If you visit Las Vegas, though, you might cut loose and drink more than you usually would. Again, all of the casinos encourage this. You might say you’ll stay sober, but when servers keep coming by, that becomes more challenging.

Since you’re drinking more, if you rented a car for your trip, you might feel you should drive it, even though you’ve consumed alcohol. At home, maybe you wouldn’t do this. In this atmosphere, though, you might make a poor decision.

People Don’t Realize They’re Over The Legal Limit

You may also drive after drinking because you don’t realize you’re over the legal limit. Maybe you didn’t think you drank that much, but you didn’t count your drinks or cut yourself off.

In these instances, you may feel like you’re relatively sober, so you try driving. The next thing you know, maybe you cut someone off in traffic, or you make an illegal turn, and you see those flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You may also hit another vehicle.

People Like Showing Off

Some DUI accidents happen because people like showing off in Las Vegas. Maybe you’re single, and you’re there looking to meet someone fun. You’re dressed in your best outfit, and you feel like you’re living the high life.

If you meet someone via a dating app or at the bar, you might think you’ll look cool behind the wheel, especially if you rented a flashy car for this trip. Maybe you don’t know much about this vehicle, though, so you can’t control it that easily.

In this scenario, you can easily hit another vehicle or an inanimate object. If that happens, you’ll end your date prematurely, and you’ll also face a night in jail and a DUI charge.

People Feel Like It’s A Short Ride To Their Hotel

Maybe you eat at a nice restaurant on the Strip, and then you feel like you should drive back to the hotel. Perhaps you had some wine with dinner. You know you should probably call an Uber or another rideshare vehicle, but you’re only a couple of blocks away.

You might try driving back because you’re so close. If you do, though, you may regret it. A lot might happen in a couple of blocks. Getting a DUI can occur if you’re just down the street and within sight of your hotel.

People Like Racing

Some people also incur DUI charges in Las Vegas because they like racing. Maybe you have an impressive car with some after-market features. Perhaps someone pulls up next to you at the light and starts revving their engine.

If you had a couple of drinks, you might do something in this situation that you shouldn’t have. You should ignore this instigator, but perhaps you race them instead. If so, you might crash and get a DUI. You will face some additional charges as well.

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